Pixel Christmas and a Digital New Year from DJ Splash Kidd

Those who have heard me DJ before know that I both enjoy and listen to a very large and diverse variety of music. There are very few genres or styles of music that I don’t listen to. The delivery, quality and the structure of a song is what’s important to me. As such, and keeping with my eclectic nature, for this evening post I’ll serve up a few blues/jazz songs for your listening pleasure. The first choice is Ms Billie Holiday singing “Stormy Weather”. Billie Holiday’s died on July 17th, 1959 at the age of only 44. According to Wikipedia, drug abuse, drinking, and relationships with abusive men were key factors that contributed to her health deteriorating during the last several years of her life. Billie lived the blues and her unmatched ability at singing the blues is self-evident in the classic version of “Stormy Weather”.

The second choice is the 1964 version of “Shadow of Your Smile” by Ms Sarah Vaughan. Every time I listen to this version by Sarah Vaughan it brings such a big smile to my face. The delivery of the lyrics and her pacing of the song is breathtaking!

The third and last song choice for this evening is Mr. Michael Buble performing “Just the Way you Look Tonight”. Michael’s a Canuck like me and he does a great job in his version of this very up lifting blues/jazz song.

Hope you enjoyed these three songs as much as I did!

Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy New Year for 2012!

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