DJ Splash Kidd’s First Music Gig for 2012

DJ Splash Kidd will be DJ his first gig of 2012 on Thursday January 5th, 2012 from 10pm to Midnight PST. DJ Splash Kidd has been DJ in Second Life now for three years and has established himself as one of the most entertaining and gifted DJ’s within this unique virtual world environment. From his song selections to the delivery of the music to his listeners, DJ Splash Kidd never misses a beat and is constantly working his set lists to make sure his patrons are enjoying themselves while socializing and dancing at the clubs he DJ at. DJ Splash utilized Traktor Pro, as his key DJ software when he performs in Second Life, as he knows that it will help him deliver a professional sound quality that is second to none, week in week out. Native Instruments, the company behind Traktor Pro, is considered to be the leading digital DJ hardware & software company world-wide in the depth and quality of products it has specifically developed for today’s leading edge digital DJ’s Native Instruments.

The music song selection theme for DJ Splash Kidd’s next gig is still in development for this up coming Thursday night, but based on the content so far, it will be centered on a progressive vocal house and dance club type of mix that will up tempo and lots of fun!. So if you’re a member of Second Life and on the grid this coming Thursday, start out your New Year for 2012 right by coming out to hear when DJ Splash Kidd is performing; you definitely won’t be disappointed!

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