“Lines on My Face”

I’ve always been partial to the guitar as a musical instrument for a number of reasons, but I’m sure that a lot of those reasons has to due to the fact that I use to play the electric guitar and still play my acoustic guitar now and then when I can squeeze in the moments and need to relax. My vocals aren’t strong and my guitar playing is average so my performances are typically private or for a very select group of people who don’t mind my mistakes as I’m changing chords while playing my guitar.

I happen upon hearing Peter Frampton’s “Lines On My Face” the other day. This song was on the mid 1970’s “Frampton Comes Alive” Album which was highly successful, both commercially and critically, for Peter. I found a very cool YouTube video of Peter Framption playing “Lines On My Face” live in Detroit from a few years back. The video on YouTube was posted by cocojax and he did a great job of utilizing an interesting montage of pictures of Peter Frampton over the years that goes well with the poetic lyrics of “Lines on My Face”. In regards to Frampton’s outstanding lead electric guitar playing, cocojax wrote on the introduction to the vidoe that, “…One of the amazing things about Frampton is his ability to put his heart and soul into a song he’s played thousands of times, always different, and always beautiful. I guess his ever-changing interpretation of the music is what keeps it fresh…” Music is definitely “alive” and I hope you enjoy this version of “Lines On My Face” as much as I did! Enjoy!


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