Stevie Ray Vaughan “Riviera Paradise”

My last blog posting about Peter Frampton’s song, “Lines On My Face” got me thinking about the various lead electric guitar players who have had a major influence on the music scene over the last fifty-years or so. Specifically it got me to thinking about those lead electric guitar artists who are now gone and no longer with us. As such, I think I’ll dedicate the next series of postings to a few of the many outstanding late electric guitar artists that have had a major influence on a number of music genres; notably Rock, Blues, Jazz & Country. In addition I want to concentrate on those lead electric guitarist, who in my view, had this incredible creative talent to be able to really channel their emotions and feelings into the style of the particular song they were playing. I certain won’t be able to cover off all the outstanding guitar artists over the last fifty years by any stretch of the imagination and I’m sure some of the readers of this post (assuming any) will have other favorite guitar artists they feel should be highlighted (if so please post a comment and link perhaps about your favorite guitar artists)!

For this post I want to dedicated it to the late Stevie Ray Vaughan (“Stevie Ray”). Stevie Ray was a Texas’s born and bred Rock/Blues guitar artists who had a major influence on the music scene during the mid 1970’s up until his death in a helicopter crash on August 27th, 1990 while in route to Chicago after performing at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy Wisconsin. Wikipedia is typically a very good source of information on most topics so instead of me recreating the wheel on the various factual information on Stevie Ray, here is the link to the write-up on him at that site: Wiki on Stevie Ray if your interested.

For the die-hard Stevie Ray fans out there, my posting only touches on the surface on information on the web about Stevie Ray. Instead what I want to do is share just one song of Stevie Ray’s that I feel really demonstrates his incredible artistic talent as a lead guitar player in how he is able to channeling his emotions and feelings while he plays. I’ve included a YouTube video piece originally posted by the user “wash61” of Stevie Ray performing live the song “Riviera Paradise” in Austin Texas (Austin City Limits if I’m correct). The video quality isn’t the best on this feed, but Stevie Ray was from Texas and grew up for the most part in Austin so I felt this was a fitting video to include in this post. There are several good close-ups of Stevie Ray playing the guitar which is great, but ultimately it’s in the listening to this song and appreciating how Stevie Ray is able to translate his feelings via playing the electric guitar that is what I find so appealing about this performance. Enjoy!


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