Visual Experience with Viewer3 for Second Life

I recently moved over to using the Viewer3 which is the official viewer for Second Life. Linden Labs has introduced mesh textures to Second Life over the last several months. I’m no expert in this area but my understanding is that mesh textures are similar in style to those used in the computer gaming industry (i.e games for XBox, Play Station, etc.) and give for a richer and more detailed visual experience. Mesh textures need lots of computer speed and graphic speed (i.e. think CPU, Graphic Card size, amount of RAM, etc.). I needed to rework my graphic card drivers to get my system up and running correctly for Viewer3, but now that I’ve accomplished that task, I’m very please with my first week using Viewer3.

I took a few new pictures of Splash this morning to test out the visual look of Viewer3. Take a look at my most recent pictures and let me know what you think? I’m far from the most gifted photographer in Second Life. All pictures were taken directly from Second Life and have not been further edited via Photoshop or any other form of photo editing software.


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