The Second Life 9th Birthday Party (“SL9B”) committee is hard at work getting ready for the mid June a party celebrating a large variety of ways people utilize this unique 3D digital world for ultimately communicating and sharing with others around the world!

SL9B Community Event

Well we’ve now looked over each and every one of the 488 exhibitor applications we received and sent acceptance emails to all those that have been accepted.

If you received an email titled SLB Acceptance then congratulations! Join our group, ‘The SLB Community’ and ask for an EA to help you to your plot.

For those that didn’t receive an email, we’re very sorry 😦 We would have loved it if there was room for everyone, but unfortunately there just wasn’t.  Not being accepted doesn’t stop you from celebrating SL9B though. Celebrations are happening all over the grid. Start your own display on your own land and let us know – we’ll advertise it on our celebration hub for you. There’s information on that here.

A bit of info about the applications. As I said, we received 488! We absolutely did not expect that many; in fact, based on…

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