Ben Taylor’s ~ Not Alone

This song and version of “Not Alone” by Ben Taylor touches me on so many levels!

“..You may be a lot of things but your NOT ALONE…”; always!

Enjoy 🙂


Damien Rice ~ Woman Like a Man

Ah the poet Damien Rice, putting his all into “Woman Like Man”. This is such a great song played acoustically and Damien is very strong on the vocals with his interesting play of words he uses. The build up from the slow introduction into the powerful ending is what makes this song so interesting for me. Conflicts of top and bottom, bottom and top & what one whats and what one doesn’t want; perhaps!


Live Acoustic Version of “Crush” – Dave Matthews Band

I’ve attached for this post the 2007 live performance at the Radio Music City Hall in New York City of “Crush” by the Dave Matthews Band. The acoustic sound of this recording is first class. What an incredible venue to watch a live act at! Dave always gives his unique “all” when he performs live. The song it it’s entirety is great, but the portion of the song when Tim Reynolds is playing lead bottle neck on his guitar just blows me away each time I hear it; wow! Two very skilled guitar players, alone on the stage performing at Radio Music City Hall; man oh man what a treat!.
I hope you enjoy this recording of “Crush” as much as I did! Enjoy

Everything But The Girl “Driving” Acoustic Version

A well written and performed song should evoke a listener on a very deep and personal level in my view. The song writers ability to transfer their experiences & emotions into a song can be pure magic, if we really are open to listen closely. Everything But The Girl’s acoustic version of “Driving” is perfectly structured for the delivery of this song. Roads we drive in our minds eye when day becomes night, and we are alone, take on their own inward emotional energy. The conflicting feelings of a tripartite view; glancing at the rear view mirror, the site lines of the interior of the car we sit alone in, and the view out towards the edge of tomorrow via the windshield before us; brilliant. Enjoy!