Ben Taylor’s ~ Not Alone

This song and version of “Not Alone” by Ben Taylor touches me on so many levels!

“..You may be a lot of things but your NOT ALONE…”; always!

Enjoy 🙂


Live Acoustic Version of “Crush” – Dave Matthews Band

I’ve attached for this post the 2007 live performance at the Radio Music City Hall in New York City of “Crush” by the Dave Matthews Band. The acoustic sound of this recording is first class. What an incredible venue to watch a live act at! Dave always gives his unique “all” when he performs live. The song it it’s entirety is great, but the portion of the song when Tim Reynolds is playing lead bottle neck on his guitar just blows me away each time I hear it; wow! Two very skilled guitar players, alone on the stage performing at Radio Music City Hall; man oh man what a treat!.
I hope you enjoy this recording of “Crush” as much as I did! Enjoy

Ms, Ms Behaving Lauryn Hill ~ “Doo Wop (That Thing)”

Little old skool hip hop/rap for my post today from the talented Lauryn Hill performing per late 90’s hit “Doo Wop” from her album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”. I hadn’t heard this song for a long time, until recently again and was remembering back how much I enjoyed “Doo Wop” when it first came out. I’ve attached Lauryn’s official video for this song, for a couple of reason. Firstly back in the 90’s before digital music had really taken off, a lot more money was available and used in the production of music video’s. So from a stylistic and historical point of view the structure and quality of the music video is important in my view. Secondly, I really like the structural core of this video and how it’s used to showcase “Doo Wop”. The lighting, setting, cutting and reference points to New York City in 1967 & 1998 is very interesting to me. It my view it would be kind of cool for Lauryn to perhaps do a 2012 remix version of her own song and do a new video perhaps with the reference points being New York City in 1998 and 2012! In any event, take a look at the video and offer a comment if you like. Hope you enjoy “Doo Wop” as much as I do!

Norah Jones ~ Say Goodbye Live Performance

My triple play post of Norah Jones performing “Say Goodbye” live. I was driving down the highway late last night, when this song came streaming over the satellite airway and I knew at the moment that I had to post this song up on my blog. Say Goodbye is from Norah’s latest album “Little Broken Hearts” and this live performance was film in April of this year. I really like the creative direction that Norah has taken with her current album. Say Goodbye has this really cool sound/feel to it that has an almost indie/alt rock kind of vibe to it, in my view. I really appreciate it when a musical artist I like is willing to branch out and experiment with different sounds and styles in the songs they write and record. Keep up the great work Ms Norah Jones!

Hope you enjoy “Say Goodbye” as much as I did.

Norah Jones ~ “You’ve Runied Me” Performed live

I’m a big fan of Norah Jones; does it show? She has such an incredible vocal range, she’s a skillful writer and just an all around outstanding talented lady. Most importantly she sings and performs from deep within her soul!

I’ve include a live performance of Norah doing her song “You’ve Ruined Me”. In my opinion this version of “You’ve Ruined Me” is a tad to short, but it’s a very good live recording (sound wise) nevertheless and therefore the reason I’ve included it in this posting. Hope you enjoy this presentation of Norah’s song as much as I do.