Nneka ~ “Shining Star (Joe Goddard Remix)”

Intro is a tad too long, but it’s the club/extended version of Nneka’s “Shining Star” so I understand the reason for it. Vocals are strong; really strong and kick in around the 2:35 point in the song! Enjoy

“…And though you seem so far away
You pursuit me I can feel you
.. within my mind
And I know you’re sometimes lonely
Oh, I wish that I could change it,
Oh then I know you still got me
And I pray my love will give you life…”


Norah Jones ~ Say Goodbye Live Performance

My triple play post of Norah Jones performing “Say Goodbye” live. I was driving down the highway late last night, when this song came streaming over the satellite airway and I knew at the moment that I had to post this song up on my blog. Say Goodbye is from Norah’s latest album “Little Broken Hearts” and this live performance was film in April of this year. I really like the creative direction that Norah has taken with her current album. Say Goodbye has this really cool sound/feel to it that has an almost indie/alt rock kind of vibe to it, in my view. I really appreciate it when a musical artist I like is willing to branch out and experiment with different sounds and styles in the songs they write and record. Keep up the great work Ms Norah Jones!

Hope you enjoy “Say Goodbye” as much as I did.

Norah Jones ~ “You’ve Runied Me” Performed live

I’m a big fan of Norah Jones; does it show? She has such an incredible vocal range, she’s a skillful writer and just an all around outstanding talented lady. Most importantly she sings and performs from deep within her soul!

I’ve include a live performance of Norah doing her song “You’ve Ruined Me”. In my opinion this version of “You’ve Ruined Me” is a tad to short, but it’s a very good live recording (sound wise) nevertheless and therefore the reason I’ve included it in this posting. Hope you enjoy this presentation of Norah’s song as much as I do.