Splash DJ for T1Radio Coverage of Relay For Life of Second Life July 14th to July 15 2012

The last weekend events for the 2012 Relay for Life of Second Life (“RFL of SL”) season takes place this weekend from July 14th to July 15th 2012. One of the main web sites for the RFL in SL 2012 campaign can be accessed via the following link Relay for Life of Second Life There are lots of good information at the RFL of SL website that will given the reader both current and background information about the organization and events taking place this weekend. The Second Life Wiki on RFL of SL can be accessed by the following link that also has lots of great background information, especially as it relates to historical information and the growth of this real life charity event that is held within the metaverse Second Life Wiki The key event that takes place at RFL of SL is the walking of the track that will cover 35 separate sims! The massive effort of the many talented builders, coders, organizers, writers, teams and committee members is mind-blowing when one first arrives at the sims for RFL of SL.

Relay for Life (“RFL”) in the United States of America website is at the following link, Relay For Life RFL is one of the key fund-raising methods for the American Cancer Society. The American Cancer Societies main web site can be accessed at the following link American Cancer Society While the RFL of SL is closely related to the American Cancer Society it is an International event that has people from counties from all over the world take part in (over eighty countries last year)! Likewise, funds raised by RFL of SL, benefits member countries, roughly nineteen in total, who are part of the Relay for Life structure. As such RFL of SL is truly an International organization that knows no boundaries! As a Canadian DJ, with friends and family all over the world, I’m really happy to take part in this International event in the fight against cancer!

This is my fourth year in a row now that I will one of the DJ at the last weekend event for RFL of SL. I’m deeply honoured and privileged to help out, in my small way, an organization, and be part of a volunteer group of people who I strongly believe showcase the positive and powerful ways that a three-dimensional virtual world can be used to raise awareness and funds for the fight against cancer. This year I will be a guest DJ with T1Radio. T1Radio is one of the largest classic rock radio stations in Second Life, who has been the official radio station for RFL of SL since 2006. Trader1 Whiplash, who is one of the owners of T1Radio, along with Nuala Maracas, is a dedication person who uses his knowledge and experience as one of the leading voices for the RFL of SL organization in the fight against cancer. A good DJ friend, and someone who in her own right has also been very involved with RFL in SL Shayla Juran was kind enough to introduce me to Trader1, and by way of her assistance, has helped me again to see how one can be a part of the larger Second Life community in a very positive way. Bridging the Virtual World with the Real World in the fight against cancer!

My DJ set time with T1Radio is from 1:00 am to 2:00 am Second Life Time (“SLT”) and for those of you who might not known SLT = Pacific Standard Time! T1Radio coverages is for 35 sims being used for the RFL of SL events this weekend so please take a bit of time out of your virtual world travels to check out the RFL sims! If you’re not able be in Second Life this weekend you can always keep up-to-date to the events happening at RFL of SL by listening in directly via the radio player at the T1Radio web site that goes 24/7!


Dave Matthews Band’s Cover of Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower”

“…..no reason to get excited the thief he kindly spoke “There are many among us who feel that life is but a joke, but you and I, we’ve been through that, and this is not our fate so let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late”….” Indeed the hour is always growing later than we think it is! Enjoy!

“Can’t Find My Way Home” ~ Steven Winwood & Eric Clapton

Not that anyone has noticed I’m sure, but I took my blog off-line for the last month for a bit of a break! The purpose of this blog hasn’t been to “sell” stuff so traffic numbers to my blog is not of prime importance to me and certainly not why I started this blog. I’ll leave the traffic count issues to those addicted to SEO crack and hyper-linking junkies. Whether or not I keep my blog online again remains a bit up in the air, but if I do keep the blog going, I think it’s time to re-brand DJ Splash Kidd a bit. Perhaps DJ Splash Kidd V2?

“Can’t Find My Way Home” was originally recorded by the very short-lived late 1960’s band, Blind Faith. Blind Faith was comprised of the following members Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Steve Winwood & Rich Grech. One of the strongest tracks recorded by Blind Faith, in my view, was “Can’t Find My Way Home” that was written by Steve Winwood. Over the years since the song was originally recorded both Winwood and Clayton have preformed this song during various live performances. In 2007 Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton reunited for a live performance at the second annual Crossroad Guitar Festival held at Bridgeview Illinois. It is from this reunited performance of Steven Winwood and Eric Clapton that I share with you via YouTube (thank the Goddess for YouTube!!!) a video of “Can’t Find My Way Home”. This is an absolutely brilliant live version of this song that is being performed by two very good old friends who originally recorded this song almost 40 years after it was first released on vinyl. The various points in the song when both Winwood and Clapton are doing lead guitar solo’s together is magical in how they can blend so well with each other; true artistry.

Now anyone who actually knows me, or who has at least read some of my postings before (which is like maybe a half-dozen people at best) I like to dwell in the world of metaphors & similes now and then. So from a strictly metaphorical point of view, this song and the reason I’m posting it now has a lot to do with my use (or perhaps earlier use) of the avatar Splash Kidd. Splash Kidd recently turned 5 within the virtual world of Second Life in March of this year. It was an interesting point for me to reflect on the past, the present and the future. It reminded me to of a blog post from few years ago I read by a person who ended up totally deleting their entire Second Life account and the reason for doing that even-though the person in question avatar had been highly “successful” within the realm of Second Life. You see, Second Life is a lot like falling down a very deep virtual rabbit hole and then before you know it, you might not be able to find your way home again, if one doesn’t watch out. Well perhaps, but even in the darkest moment, one can still find their way back home again, or perhaps to a new better home! The tight-rope and fine balance between ones real life and ones virtual life is never easy.

In any event enough of metaphors that deal with avatars, this is a great performance by two exception song writers and guitar players who know exactly the three-dimensional aspect of what music really is! Enjoy!

I’m re-blogging a two-year old post by me! This is still one of my favorite songs by The Killers and I still like the video representation that was used for “When You Were Young”. The theme of the lost of innocence and the human condition on how we act and treat others within the finite amount of time we each have within our own separate “mortal coils” is what really gives strength and purpose to this song, in my view.
“…We’re burning down the highway skyline, On the back of a hurricane that started turning, When you were young…”

Tick Talk Tick Talk

DJ Splash Kidd's Blog

I’m a big fan of The Killers; I love musicians who put a lot of energy into their song writing that forces one to think a bit. In any event I was listening to this  song by The Killers this morning and the lyrics were sort of hitting home with me now in my life. Ah now there is the rub; hope you enjoy! Leave a comment about the song if your so moved to do so, thanks.
Here are the lyrics to “When You Were Young”
“You sit there in your heartache
Waiting on some beautiful boy to
save you from your old ways
You play forgiveness
Watch it now … here he comes!

He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus
But he talks like a gentleman
Like you imagined when you were young

Can we climb this mountain
I don’t know
Higher now than ever before

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Tribute to Electric Guitar Player and Innovator, Lester William Polsfuss ~ aka “Les Paul”

Further to my theme I started earlier this week on my tributes to some of the most influential electric guitar players who are no longer with us, this post is my humble tribute to the late Lester William Polsfuss (aka “Les Paul”). Now some of you may not know who Les Paul was or exactly why he had such a major influence on the electric guitar. You might say, come on Splash shouldn’t you be writing about Jimi Hendrix’s (which I will be in a future posting) or John Lennon perhaps, but Les Paul? Yes Les Paul! Les Paul is without doubt the corner-stone in the creative development of the solid body electric guitar as an instrument as we know it; especially as it relates to the electric guitar known as the “Gibson Les Paul”. There were certainly a number of people who experiment and contributed to the development of the electric guitar, however the work done by Les Paul had a major influence on so many music genres (Blues, Country, Jazz, etc.) and certainly on the development of Rock and Roll as we know it. One just has to read the multitude of tributes that were stated by many of today’s lead electric guitar players upon the death of Les Paul at the age of 94 on August 12th, 2009 to get a feel how important he was. The Edge of U2, Slash of the former band Guns and Roses, Peter Frampton, Jeff Beck, Richie Sambora, Steve Miller and many others had tremendous respect for Les Paul and the many innovations he was involved with in the develop of the electric guitar and how it could be played. The website Wikipedia has a lot of really good information and links relate to Les Paul so I’ll give you that link for you to learn more about him if you’re so interested: Les Paul Wiki link

I’ve decided to add to this post two separate YouTube video’s of Les Paul performing; the first from the film by John Paulson Productions called “Les Paul Chasing Sound” Les Paul Film link that is about ten minutes in length and gives some really good background information on Les Paul, and the second one is a tribute video to Les Paul on his 90 Birthday with him performing the song “Sleepwalk”. Both are absolutely wonderful and I’m so glad they are available to be watched on the internet. Please take a look and offer a comment or two if you like. Enjoy!

Stevie Ray Vaughan “Riviera Paradise”

My last blog posting about Peter Frampton’s song, “Lines On My Face” got me thinking about the various lead electric guitar players who have had a major influence on the music scene over the last fifty-years or so. Specifically it got me to thinking about those lead electric guitar artists who are now gone and no longer with us. As such, I think I’ll dedicate the next series of postings to a few of the many outstanding late electric guitar artists that have had a major influence on a number of music genres; notably Rock, Blues, Jazz & Country. In addition I want to concentrate on those lead electric guitarist, who in my view, had this incredible creative talent to be able to really channel their emotions and feelings into the style of the particular song they were playing. I certain won’t be able to cover off all the outstanding guitar artists over the last fifty years by any stretch of the imagination and I’m sure some of the readers of this post (assuming any) will have other favorite guitar artists they feel should be highlighted (if so please post a comment and link perhaps about your favorite guitar artists)!

For this post I want to dedicated it to the late Stevie Ray Vaughan (“Stevie Ray”). Stevie Ray was a Texas’s born and bred Rock/Blues guitar artists who had a major influence on the music scene during the mid 1970’s up until his death in a helicopter crash on August 27th, 1990 while in route to Chicago after performing at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy Wisconsin. Wikipedia is typically a very good source of information on most topics so instead of me recreating the wheel on the various factual information on Stevie Ray, here is the link to the write-up on him at that site: Wiki on Stevie Ray if your interested.

For the die-hard Stevie Ray fans out there, my posting only touches on the surface on information on the web about Stevie Ray. Instead what I want to do is share just one song of Stevie Ray’s that I feel really demonstrates his incredible artistic talent as a lead guitar player in how he is able to channeling his emotions and feelings while he plays. I’ve included a YouTube video piece originally posted by the user “wash61” of Stevie Ray performing live the song “Riviera Paradise” in Austin Texas (Austin City Limits if I’m correct). The video quality isn’t the best on this feed, but Stevie Ray was from Texas and grew up for the most part in Austin so I felt this was a fitting video to include in this post. There are several good close-ups of Stevie Ray playing the guitar which is great, but ultimately it’s in the listening to this song and appreciating how Stevie Ray is able to translate his feelings via playing the electric guitar that is what I find so appealing about this performance. Enjoy!

“Lines on My Face”

I’ve always been partial to the guitar as a musical instrument for a number of reasons, but I’m sure that a lot of those reasons has to due to the fact that I use to play the electric guitar and still play my acoustic guitar now and then when I can squeeze in the moments and need to relax. My vocals aren’t strong and my guitar playing is average so my performances are typically private or for a very select group of people who don’t mind my mistakes as I’m changing chords while playing my guitar.

I happen upon hearing Peter Frampton’s “Lines On My Face” the other day. This song was on the mid 1970’s “Frampton Comes Alive” Album which was highly successful, both commercially and critically, for Peter. I found a very cool YouTube video of Peter Framption playing “Lines On My Face” live in Detroit from a few years back. The video on YouTube was posted by cocojax and he did a great job of utilizing an interesting montage of pictures of Peter Frampton over the years that goes well with the poetic lyrics of “Lines on My Face”. In regards to Frampton’s outstanding lead electric guitar playing, cocojax wrote on the introduction to the vidoe that, “…One of the amazing things about Frampton is his ability to put his heart and soul into a song he’s played thousands of times, always different, and always beautiful. I guess his ever-changing interpretation of the music is what keeps it fresh…” Music is definitely “alive” and I hope you enjoy this version of “Lines On My Face” as much as I did! Enjoy!