“Can’t Find My Way Home” ~ Steven Winwood & Eric Clapton

Not that anyone has noticed I’m sure, but I took my blog off-line for the last month for a bit of a break! The purpose of this blog hasn’t been to “sell” stuff so traffic numbers to my blog is not of prime importance to me and certainly not why I started this blog. I’ll leave the traffic count issues to those addicted to SEO crack and hyper-linking junkies. Whether or not I keep my blog online again remains a bit up in the air, but if I do keep the blog going, I think it’s time to re-brand DJ Splash Kidd a bit. Perhaps DJ Splash Kidd V2?

“Can’t Find My Way Home” was originally recorded by the very short-lived late 1960’s band, Blind Faith. Blind Faith was comprised of the following members Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Steve Winwood & Rich Grech. One of the strongest tracks recorded by Blind Faith, in my view, was “Can’t Find My Way Home” that was written by Steve Winwood. Over the years since the song was originally recorded both Winwood and Clayton have preformed this song during various live performances. In 2007 Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton reunited for a live performance at the second annual Crossroad Guitar Festival held at Bridgeview Illinois. It is from this reunited performance of Steven Winwood and Eric Clapton that I share with you via YouTube (thank the Goddess for YouTube!!!) a video of “Can’t Find My Way Home”. This is an absolutely brilliant live version of this song that is being performed by two very good old friends who originally recorded this song almost 40 years after it was first released on vinyl. The various points in the song when both Winwood and Clapton are doing lead guitar solo’s together is magical in how they can blend so well with each other; true artistry.

Now anyone who actually knows me, or who has at least read some of my postings before (which is like maybe a half-dozen people at best) I like to dwell in the world of metaphors & similes now and then. So from a strictly metaphorical point of view, this song and the reason I’m posting it now has a lot to do with my use (or perhaps earlier use) of the avatar Splash Kidd. Splash Kidd recently turned 5 within the virtual world of Second Life in March of this year. It was an interesting point for me to reflect on the past, the present and the future. It reminded me to of a blog post from few years ago I read by a person who ended up totally deleting their entire Second Life account and the reason for doing that even-though the person in question avatar had been highly “successful” within the realm of Second Life. You see, Second Life is a lot like falling down a very deep virtual rabbit hole and then before you know it, you might not be able to find your way home again, if one doesn’t watch out. Well perhaps, but even in the darkest moment, one can still find their way back home again, or perhaps to a new better home! The tight-rope and fine balance between ones real life and ones virtual life is never easy.

In any event enough of metaphors that deal with avatars, this is a great performance by two exception song writers and guitar players who know exactly the three-dimensional aspect of what music really is! Enjoy!