About Splash Kidd

Splash Kidd is an Avatar (no I am not a character from the movie! :P) in the virtual world called Second Life. My main areas of focus in Second Life, from a purely esoteric point of view, is to create a broader concept of myself via a virtual identity that hopefully allows me to expand both my creative abilities and, more importantly,  helps me become a more insightful person. To say the process of being in Second Life has been a bed of roses would be misleading. Second Life has had both incredible high moments and devastatingly low moments to for me on what I have tried to do in this unique virtual environment. The learning curve has been steep in Second Life at times, but well worth the challenge so I continue on in my quest of self discovery.

I could go on and on to try to explain what Second Life is but that would take pages and pages of writing, and even then I don’t think I would cover all of it; so instead I’ll give you a very brief  executive summary of how I view it.  Second Life is a portal via the internet that allows a person to connect to a virtual world that has no central theme; you make out of it what you put into it. Linden Labs the company behind Second Life, host the software and the platform, but the majority of items created in Second Life and how people decided to interact with each other is entire up to the residents. While you share and interact with others via their Avatars it very much is an “inner” journey of self discovery; at least for me it is. What you get out of this journey is up to you. For me I’ve learned that the journey is very much what William Shakespeare wrote in the play “Hamlet” with the famous line that Polonius speaks to his son, Laeters, “This above all: To thine own self be true and it must follow, as the night the day, thou can not be false to any man” or in layman’s terms instead of old English, if you are really truthful to yourself, you will not be afraid to be truthful to others. If you are truthful to yourself, you will have arrived at the “still point” of who you are. Have I achieved this “still point” yet? No not at all. Am I trying to get to my still point, yes very much so, and hopefully more with each passing day. So now, when I decided to log into Second Life, I take a deep breath, think about the words that Polonius speaks to his son, Laeters, then I lift my painters pallet in my left arm, my painter’s brush in my right and then I dive into my virtual canvas with all the hopes, fears and sense of wonder that drives those who truly want to discover their inner-truth!


4 thoughts on “About Splash Kidd

  1. Hey there Splash!
    Had a blast with you at Burn2 and have enjoyed the club events recently as well! U rock! I came across this song and wanted to send it your way: Existence VIP by Excision and Downlink. Kinda Dubstepy, bassnectary, kinda like culprit. Anyhow, check it and c u at the next gig!

    Burner4ever )'(

    Buttermilk Panacek

    • Hey Buttermilk thanks so much for checking out my blog and enjoying my vibe when I’m DJ online too! Thanks again for showing me some of your picture to of your own personal experiences at this years Burning Man event In late August. I have to put some serious thought into getting down for Burning Man to one of these late Summers! I can see why Philip Linden got a lot of inspiration in the creation of Second Life via his own experiences at Burning Man in the late1990’s.

      Thanks for the song suggestion; I’ll make sure to check it out! Seeing as your into Dubstepping, I’ll run a song by you to, that is very cool: “Deviance” by Datsik & Excision. Check it out Buttermilk, you’ll like it a lot if your into Dubstep!

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