Desert Dwellers – Crossing Beyond (Duke Mushroom Remix)

The desert is an interesting place to compare the unique aspects of the way we view both the day and the night. To those who know what internally it means to be a dweller of the desert is to also know what it means to be a survivor. The hot desert sun gives way to the cool clear sky of the desert night. What is both real and unreal take on their own unique characteristics! Enjoy!


Fedde le Grand vs. Sultan & Ned Shepard ft. Mitch Crown – Running

Great visual concept video but even better song by Fedde Le Grand of Holland “Running” The quality of the cutting done in the video in rhythm with the beat of the song is perfect. Enjoy!

DJ Splash ~ Dance Club Mix May 5 2011

I’ll be DJ this evening from 10pm to Midnight (PST which is also SLT). I’ve put together a lively, up-tempo vocal house, electric dance music, funk with perhaps a few hip hop song’s in my set too for tonight’s gig. I live mix, mix in key and provide live voice over introductions for my songs. DJ in Second Life is a cross/hybrid between DJ in Real Life and DJ on the radio. All the songs in my set list are chosen by me and I don’t repeat sets from one gig to the next. I leave room in my sets for requests and really enjoy the feedback I get from my listeners while DJ. If you haven’t heard me DJ in Second Life before, please join me if you can and are on the “grid” while I’m DJ. The experience of DJ in Second Life is 10X better than DJ on the radio, as you get immediate feedback from those who come out to your gigs!

DJ Splash Dance Club Gig

I’m DJ this evening, Thursday April 14th from 10 pm (SLT = PST) to Midnight. Peak listening audience was 55 last week during my regular set time and we kept the club crowd in the mid to high 40 range for almost my entire two-hour set, so it was lots of fun.

I always get up for my DJ sets, with a great choice of up-tempo funk, hip hop, and vocal electro dance music songs. If you’re a resident of Second Life and on the grid during my gig time this evening, please drop by for a bit to check out my vibe, you won’t be disappointed if you do!

DJ Splash Kidd’s DJ December 1st 2010 10 PM to Midnight PST

I’m DJ in Second Life this evening. Not all the people who read this blog are residents of Second Life so I’ll place my stream URL here so you can plug it into your web browser if you like so you can hear me DJ. Hip Hop, RnB, Pop and some Remix are the flavor for tonight. If you listen via this method please leave me a quick note on the blog telling me so and what you think! Thanks a lot