Desert Dwellers – Crossing Beyond (Duke Mushroom Remix)

The desert is an interesting place to compare the unique aspects of the way we view both the day and the night. To those who know what internally it means to be a dweller of the desert is to also know what it means to be a survivor. The hot desert sun gives way to the cool clear sky of the desert night. What is both real and unreal take on their own unique characteristics! Enjoy!


Meiko – Between the Sheets

The lyrics used in the song “Between the Sheets” by Meiko draws an interesting parallel, in my view, of how ones internal voice or dialogue can take place and what sometimes takes hold of ones thoughts within the flicking lights of a pixel environment; like what can be created in a place like Second Life. Now I’m sure Ms Meiko didn’t give a thought at all to digital types of environments or online interactions when she wrote this song. The choices between what is real and touchable within a real life experience and what takes places within ones mind eye and a portal into a digital type of environment between distance strangers I find most interesting and how it relates to the lyrics in this song.

“Lights on? Why? What are you afraid of? A secret? Really?”

Secrets that get lost in the flow of the digital stream when the flicking lights of the screen gets turned off!

Listen, enjoy and digitize!

Damien Rice ~ Woman Like a Man

Ah the poet Damien Rice, putting his all into “Woman Like Man”. This is such a great song played acoustically and Damien is very strong on the vocals with his interesting play of words he uses. The build up from the slow introduction into the powerful ending is what makes this song so interesting for me. Conflicts of top and bottom, bottom and top & what one whats and what one doesn’t want; perhaps!


Everything But The Girl “Driving” Acoustic Version

A well written and performed song should evoke a listener on a very deep and personal level in my view. The song writers ability to transfer their experiences & emotions into a song can be pure magic, if we really are open to listen closely. Everything But The Girl’s acoustic version of “Driving” is perfectly structured for the delivery of this song. Roads we drive in our minds eye when day becomes night, and we are alone, take on their own inward emotional energy. The conflicting feelings of a tripartite view; glancing at the rear view mirror, the site lines of the interior of the car we sit alone in, and the view out towards the edge of tomorrow via the windshield before us; brilliant. Enjoy!

Norah Jones ~ Say Goodbye Live Performance

My triple play post of Norah Jones performing “Say Goodbye” live. I was driving down the highway late last night, when this song came streaming over the satellite airway and I knew at the moment that I had to post this song up on my blog. Say Goodbye is from Norah’s latest album “Little Broken Hearts” and this live performance was film in April of this year. I really like the creative direction that Norah has taken with her current album. Say Goodbye has this really cool sound/feel to it that has an almost indie/alt rock kind of vibe to it, in my view. I really appreciate it when a musical artist I like is willing to branch out and experiment with different sounds and styles in the songs they write and record. Keep up the great work Ms Norah Jones!

Hope you enjoy “Say Goodbye” as much as I did.

DJ Events for Second Life 9th Birthday Party Week “SL9B”

A busy week of DJ, & being a stage hand too I might add, is coming up for me on the Second Life “grid”. First up, and near and dear to my heart, is my DJ event for the Burn2 organization at the Centre (Canadian spelling) Camp; or as we burners like to call it the “La Playa”. For those not aware one of the key nutritional elements that helped to spur on the growth of the creative seed that was in the early stages of developing in Philip Rosedale’s minds eye while he was putting together the Second Life program, over 10 years ago, was a faithful trip he took to take part in the Burning Man festivities in the Black Rock desert region of Nevada. The creative & communal energy that Philip was able to take part in while at the Burning Man festival was a pivotal point that helped to spur on Second Life, to a large degree, to be the child of wonder it is today. The Burn2 organization is a group within Second Life that helps to promote and keep alive, that unique creative energy that Philip experienced at the Burning Man Festival. For more details on the Burn2 organization within Second Life, please check out the web page: Burn2 Web Site.

My DJ gig for the Burn2 SL9B event will take place on Wednesday, June 20th from 10pm to Midnight (pacific standard time which just so happens to be second life time “SLT”). So if your out and about on the grid on Wednesday June 20th please drop by the Centre Camp for a lively time of music and participating with an artistic and eclectic group of people who embrace the ideals of the real life Burning Man festival!