Kaskade feat. Skylar Grey “Room For Happiness”

Both the dance and the more acoustic version of this song written and produced by Kaskade are very well done. Great direction that Kaskade took on the production of this track and the use of Skylar for the vocals!

I’ve included a copy of the “Ice mix” version. Enjoy!


Desert Dwellers – Crossing Beyond (Duke Mushroom Remix)

The desert is an interesting place to compare the unique aspects of the way we view both the day and the night. To those who know what internally it means to be a dweller of the desert is to also know what it means to be a survivor. The hot desert sun gives way to the cool clear sky of the desert night. What is both real and unreal take on their own unique characteristics! Enjoy!

Nneka ~ “Shining Star (Joe Goddard Remix)”

Intro is a tad too long, but it’s the club/extended version of Nneka’s “Shining Star” so I understand the reason for it. Vocals are strong; really strong and kick in around the 2:35 point in the song! Enjoy

“…And though you seem so far away
You pursuit me I can feel you
.. within my mind
And I know you’re sometimes lonely
Oh, I wish that I could change it,
Oh then I know you still got me
And I pray my love will give you life…”